Brooke Burfitt was born in Portland Hospital, Westminster, UK. She spent her early years in Sydney, Australia but left to live in France at the age of five when her parents moved there. She was schooled at L’ecoles Publiques de Magagnosc in the Alpes Maritimes where she was referred to as ‘la petite Anglaise’. Brooke has had a love of the French culture and language ever since. Her mother is Louise Burfitt-Dons, born in Kuwait, and is the founder of charity Act Against Bullying and co-founder of Kindness Day UK. She is a Conservative Party MP candidate for Nottingham North. Her father, Donald Burfitt-Dons, born in Taranaky, New Zealand, was an airline captain for Qantas for thirty-eight years.

Brooke began University College of London in the fall of 2007, majoring in Economics and Business with East European Studies. Whilst studying, in the summer of 2009, she entered ‘Hollyoaks Desperately Seeking’, the nationwide search for the new character India in Hollyoaks. Brooke was called in to Lime Pictures and selected for the final three to go on T4 Saturday with Rick and Jameela, where a live audience watched when Beth Kingston was awarded the role. After graduation, Brooke received her debut feature film role in Mark Noyce’s film ‘On The Ropes’ (2010) where she played the role of Sarah, alongside Joe Egan, former sparring partner of Mike Tyson. The film was distributed by Cornerstone Media International and distributed to all major DVD retailers.

In November 2010, Brooke traveled to Stoke-on-Trent to play Noreen next to John Thomson (Cold Feet, Fast Show) in comic book comedy ‘Pulp’. BBC award winning director, Martin Gooch cast Brooke as Sally Sneed in his feature ‘Death’ with actors Nick Moran, Michael McKell and Leslie Phillips, which won at the Feel Good Film Festival in the US.

Brooke went on to film the feature ‘The Soft Touch’ appearing as lead actress Sarah-Jayne in the summer of 2011. Written and directed by Robin S. Boyd, inspired by Jean Luc Godard, it tells the story of a troubled adolescent whose life is torn apart after he falls for a beautiful schoolgirl. Other filming work includes ‘The Addicted’, directed by Sean J. Vincent and ‘Michelle’ in action comedy ‘Flight of the Flamingo’.

The start of 2014, Brooke went to the Scottish Highlands to shoot with Burn Hand Films the zombie apocalypse movie ‘Plan Z’. With supporting lead role ‘Kate’, a young Irish girl who loses her brother, she must learn to survive and kill. Burfitt would return to Scotland years later for a very different role in romantic comedy ‘Christmas in the Highlands’, which is due out in 2019.

Brooke currently resides in Bermuda with her husband Rhys and two cats; Boston and Bailey.